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Will My Sofa Fit?

In the excitement of purchasing a new sofa it’s important to check if the pieces you’ve chosen will actually fit into your home. A staircase with an angle, a narrow hallway or a small elevator can present a challenge. With this guide we hope to give you some tips to help you determine in advance if an item will fit into your home.

Our delivery team will do their best to complete the delivery but we cannot take responsibility for goods which are too large to fit into your home.

To avoid the embarrassment and expense of such a disaster, please follow our simple guide show below.

If we have to abandon a delivery due to incorrect measurements then a restocking surcharge will apply.

Useful Tip: using masking tape, mark out the dimensions of the sofa you’d like to buy, on the floor, to see how much space it will take up and how easily you can move around it. Check you’re happy with its proportions in your room.

Step by step guide:

Step 1: Measure the Heights (A) and Widths (B) of your entryways and hallway both inside and outside of your home.

Step 2: Measure your entry clearance (C) - the distance from the wall through the doorway to the opposite wall.

Step 3: Factor in your ceiling height, stairway, banister, corners and low hanging lights.

Step 4: Determine the best pathway from outside your home to the room where your new piece will be placed.

Please be sure to cater for any architectural details when taking measurements.

Triple check the measurements of the sofa you have chosen. Our site clearly displays the Width, Depth, and Height. Our furniture measurements are calculated from each piece's widest or highest point. This means items with an overhang, angle or outward curve are taken into account in the overall dimensions.

Things to consider before delivery:

  • Remove any artwork or frames from the walls to avoid any bumps or scratches
  • Remove any potential obstacles between the door and your sofas final placement - plants, chairs, tables etc.
  • Please keep pets clear of the delivery team
  • If you live in a building with an elevator, please measure the height of the door, as well as the inside space to ensure it is big enough for your new sofa to travel in. If the sofa is too big then it will have to be brought up the stairs