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Italian Sofas

Our Italian sofas are available in a wide choice of designs and sizes. Italian leather sofas enjoy a very favourable reputation and are a popular choice of sofa. There are many benefits to owning an Italian sofa, they are wonderfully flexible and adapt easily to the requirements of modern day living.

Explore the range of sleek and eye catching designs and benefit from the perfect level of comfort and relaxation you will get when sinking into an Italian leather sofa.

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Italian Leather Sofas

It is no secret that leather has long been a favourite among the range of materials used in manufacturing Italian furniture. This is why our Italian leather sofas enjoy a highly favourable reputation and demand among all who see, feel and experience them for themselves.

Certainly the quality and outstanding workmanship that is evident in all the Italian leather sofas at cannot be denied. Whichever design you choose from the impressive and diverse range that is available, you can be assured of a stunning sofa of superb quality.

But it is the depth of the range as well as the quality that will catch the eyes of many who are looking to upgrade their current sofa. The simple clean lines of many of the designs belie what hides beneath. Smart design and clever construction have presented us with a selection of recliner sofas, luxurious sofas and even cinema sofas to choose from. But whichever design you choose you can be sure of getting the finest attention to detail in every respect when shopping at

Italian Designer Sofas

If you are in a position to invest in one of our many Italian designer sofas, you will appreciate the huge range of stylish and wonderfully designed sofas we have to share with you. This is where modernity meets Italian finesse. Do you desire the ultimate relaxation that a recliner sofa can offer you? Now you can have that luxury in the shape of an Italian designer sofa.

But if you want something a little simpler we have sofas that meet these requirements too. Chunky arms, soft lines and simple but elegant styling – these are the hallmarks of many modern sofas with the distinctive Italian appearance that many have come to love.

Of course the ultimate in Italian styling comes courtesy of an L shaped sofa. This is designed to be simple but ideal for sitting back and relaxing with the whole family. This is truly an indulgence that everyone should consider treating themselves to. Whatever you desire from an Italian designer sofa, you will find it in the incredible range of options given on our site. Treat yourself to a memorable Italian experience today and see why so many others have chosen to go Italian.