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Where to Place a Sofa


Having a quality leather sofa will help to make your living room the most popular and lived-in area of your home. As well as being reliably comfortable and long-lasting, such pieces are also attractive, and help to shape a room’s aesthetic and ambience. Knowing how and where to place such furniture is just as important as the design of the piece itself. A beautiful sofa tucked away in a dark corner, or blocking an exit, is a waste of space and the loss of a potential focal point for your room. With the right positioning, your sofa can enhance your living room’s appearance, and make it an even more pleasurable space to spend time in.

If you are thinking of buying a new sofa, or you are trying your hand at living room design, it is best to start with a plan. Think carefully about what kind of room, and what kind of atmosphere you are hoping to create.

One good idea is to draw a plan of your living room, and make cut-outs of the pieces of furniture you are intending to put in it. Make sure the plan includes all doorways and radiators and other features which cannot be moved. Try positioning your cut outs in different places on the plan to give yourself a good idea of which areas need to kept open, and where you can place a large item such as a sofa. It also helps to know from the very beginning exactly what you want your room’s focal point to be. It may be a painting, or a fireplace, a central rug – perhaps even the sofa itself.

Whatever it is, make sure the other pieces of living room furniture are placed in such a way as to ensure that your focal point remains exactly that: the focus of everyone’s attention. Armchairs should be placed at right angles to your sofa, so that side tables can be put at either end, and ottomans or a coffee table can go in the centre. This simple layout helps to make the space more sociable, and means that coffee cups, books and magazines are always within easy reach.

The heart of your living room

Other factors which can influence your furniture’s placement are the size of the room, and whether you are hoping to achieve a modern or a traditional look and feel. If you have a large living room, and your sofa has a contemporary design, it can be a good idea to place it in the centre of the room. With its comparatively low back, a modern sofa design looks good as the centrepiece of a lounge. This has the effect of dividing the room, and creating two distinct areas, increasing the sense of space.

Placing your sofa against a wall is a good choice with smaller rooms and also for sofas with a more classical design. It is also recommended if you would like something else to be the highlight of your room, such as a rug or coffee table.

Having a window as the focal point of your living room can be very pleasant, particularly if you have a nice view, but remember: much of the time you spend on the sofa is likely to be in the evening, when the curtains are drawn. Having another centre of attention for your room during the night is a good idea.

With the right combination of furniture items and decor, placed in such a way as to maximise free space and to give the area a clear focal point, there is no reason why your comfortable sofa shouldn’t sit in perfect harmony at the heart of your living room.