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Soft Furnishings – Dressing Your Sofa


You may think a sofa is a single piece of furniture – somewhere to sit and relax, and one of the main pieces of furniture in your lounge. However it can be so much more than this. Once you know how to dress it and make the most of it, you can turn even the plainest of sofas into something with the ‘wow’ factor.

Do you want to know how to do it? Read on to find out the tricks of the trade.

Soft Furnishings

If you need a new sofa you have two options to consider. You can either buy a brand new one or get new covers made for your existing one. Here’s another thought to bear in mind too – if you decide to get a new one, why not invest in more than one set of covers for it? This is the best way to make the most of swapping your soft furnishings around. You can get one set of covers cleaned while enjoying the look and feel of a second set of covers instead. Plain or patterned or one of each – you can suit all your moods with a quick change from one to the other. Job done!


No sofa is complete without a few scatter cushions to snuggle into during the evening. But who says you have to stop at two? And who says you have to stick to the same shape and size in each case?

Think about plain cushions for a patterned sofa and patterned ones for a plain sofa. Don’t be afraid to use different sizes either – small and large can work well together if they complement each other and the sofa. Indeed, a range of varying but complementary scatter cushions catches the eye and draws it towards the sofa very nicely indeed.


In the middle of winter when it is cold and frosty, nothing is more appealing than being able to grab a throw to snuggle up in. This is easily achieved simply by purchasing one or two throws and draping them over the back of your sofa. You can get a matching one for an armchair too if you like – it’s all up to you.

It’s a good idea to stick to the same advice given for cushions. Basically you can get throws of different designs and sizes, but make sure they all work together as a cohesive whole. This is the main secret behind dressing your sofa for success: you must be able to look at the finished result and see a cohesive design that looks sensational, rather than something that is a mish mash.

As you can imagine it is well worth giving yourself some time to focus on the different options you have when it comes to dressing your sofa in this way. Get swatches, get pictures in magazines and print off anything inspiring you find online. Once you know what works you can look for the scatter cushions, throws and soft furnishings that will make your sofa totally unique.