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Leather Corner Sofa – Have You Considered White?


There is something very appealing about a leather corner sofa. It is more than just a seating area; it provides a welcoming place for people to get together for a casual evening of good company. Certainly it is functional, but as the stunning Lola range of leather sofas demonstrates, it can be so much more than this.

Leather Corner Sofas

The leather corner sofa is the perfect way to create a focal point in a lounge or living room. Before placing an order for a corner sofa it is ideal to measure the room and to consider which corner the sofa would sit best in. In many cases there may only be one option; in others, depending on the size of the room you may have more than one possibility to consider.

You should also consider the size of sofa you wish to purchase. The Lola range benefits from having both medium and large corner sofas; both of them are available in right or left handed options. One end has a regular arm on it while the other is open ended, providing an alternative seating area if required.

A White Leather Sofa

Perhaps one of the most striking interior design decisions you could make would be to purchase a white leather sofa. One of the biggest advantages of this is that a white leather sofa will suit any style or colour of decor you already have. In fact it provides a central focal point that looks quite stunning regardless of where in the room it is positioned.

It also becomes easier to change the colour scheme at any point if you wish to do so. Imagine bright red cushions scattered on the white leather as part of a vibrant colour scheme. Alternatively you could switch to pretty floral cushions in pastel colours – these would look equally striking as part of a more subdued colour scheme.

It is clear that the Lola range of leather corner sofas is ideal for many different living spaces. In a large open plan space the corner sofa can be used as a room divider, positioned in the middle of the room to provide access to the seating area on either side. In smaller rooms it can be positioned in the best corner, and perhaps finished with a nice chunky coffee table that can be reached from any seated position.

Clearly a white leather sofa will be a striking view for anyone to see when they enter the room. When it is positioned and dressed to achieve the best finish, it will be a focal point that is attractive and eye catching in all the best ways. It is worth considering whether you should have a right or left handed corner sofa, and of course how big it should be. But once these decisions have been made you can enjoy and appreciate the beauty of your white leather sofa – and so can everyone else who comes to visit.