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Creating That Homely Feel


A living room is a room for just that – living in, enjoying and relaxing in. However most people would probably agree their living room is far from being the homely haven they’d like it to be. Are you among them?

If you are there are plenty of things you can do to improve those surroundings. It might seem like it is an impossible thing to do, but you can make some impressive changes in a short time by focusing on a few specific areas.

Choosing the right colour scheme

Everything starts with a good colour scheme. This will go through everything from the colour you paint the walls to the colour of your scatter cushions. For cosy colours think muted reds and natural shades – basically anything calming and rustic. Don’t forget you can have one bold colour as a feature wall (or opt for wallpaper in a similar colour) and use a calmer shade for the remaining walls.

You can pick up your colour scheme in some of the accessories you add to the room later on as well. For example a warm cream colour scheme could be picked up as the base colour in the scatter cushions, with accents of red and brown leaves on them as well.

Choosing the right furniture

Cosiness and homeliness is all about the furniture you choose. Don’t clutter up the room with lots of different items, but make sure you have one or two accent pieces that ooze the very essence of comfortable!

Think of a brown leather sofa for example – large and squidgy and begging to be snuggled into. A leather sofa can be purchased in a range of colours too, so you’ll always be able to find something that will slot neatly into your chosen colour scheme.

Of course it isn’t just these main pieces of furniture that make a living room look and feel more homely. Think about adding a large chunky coffee table too, somewhere for you to put your drink and somewhere to light a few candles to add to the mood.

Choosing the right accessories and furnishings

This is where it all starts to come together. You can probably imagine your living room with freshly painted or papered walls and those primary pieces of furniture in place to be sat on and enjoyed. Now you have to pull everything together and make the room look more homely by adding all those finishing touches that mean so much.

This can be done in lots of different ways. For example you can focus on adding mood lighting – table lamps and floor lamps both work very well. You can also think about adding a large rug and some wall art or pictures to help complete the look.

The best and homeliest living room is often created over time, although there is usually a central theme or idea there to start with. Think about what you could create with your living room, to make it feel like the homely place you’ve always wanted it to be.