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Creating a Traditional Living Room


We hear a lot about modern home design and ways to achieve this look in our own homes. However there is still a lot to be said for the traditional look, and if you want to achieve this there are lots of ways to do it.

Start with the furniture

Think classic and you’ll be along the right lines from the start. For example many traditional living rooms will have a Chesterfield sofa or wingback chairs to provide the seating. Older pieces are the order of the day here, or at least pieces that are designed to look older than they are. You may even like to rescue one or two classic pieces from a junk or second hand shop and restore them on your own. Older pieces bring age with them, and this can translate powerfully into your new living room space.

If you are fortunate enough to have a pre-existing fireplace in your living room, make the most of it. You can install a stove or simply repaint the fire surround and the mantelpiece in colours that hark back to another time, providing your heating in another way instead.

What about colour?

Colour is very important when constructing a traditional living room space. If you go online and look for websites that provide ideas on how to create a traditional space like this, you’ll see lots of natural colours and calm shades. Quite often you’ll see a room and there will be several shades in the same colour range included in the design.

A traditional room can also accommodate a feature wall. Wallpaper is usually the best way to do this, but make sure you don’t choose anything modern. Decide on a colour scheme and choose an appropriately designed wallpaper to go with it.

Another common method is to keep the walls plain and pick out colours and patterns in the accessories. Think of rugs, curtains and the scatter cushions added to a leather Chesterfield sofa for example. Remember to keep everything traditional and not to stray into any modern designs or patterns.

Think about texture too

When you are putting together ideas for your living room, it is important not to restrict yourself to one particular type of material. For example a leather sofa could be complemented well by cotton covered cushions and a thick wool throw over the back of the sofa, ready to use when needed. There is a wide variety of classic materials and textures that can transform a living room into a classic traditional space. All you have to do is to find the ones that work in your space.

And don’t forget the accessories

Part of the appeal of a traditional living space is in the age and depth it carries with it. Antiques may be beyond you, but you can pick up an amazing range of items from junk shops and second hand shops and stalls, any one of which could sit nicely in your room.

Think of old style vases, clocks and pictures for example. Items like these help to set the mood and create the room you’ve always wanted.